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Top questions about Yachtswaps

Is my insurance valid for a swap?
Yachtswaps provides the platform for communicating between, talking, getting to know and making friends with like minded boaters that have common interests. Please check your insurance is open to use to family and friends. And continue to use the Yachtswaps platform to make friends, swap numbers, talk direct and ensure they have the experience and license to manage your boat before agreeing to using one another's boats.
We are here to build a community, a social space to make friends within the boating community, and to share experiences and knowledge.
Can I rent my boat on Yachtswaps?
You cannot rent your boat on the Yachtswaps platform. We do not facilitate nor allow boat rental. There is no exchange of money for a rental period nor rental contract signed between our members of the community.
Yachtswaps is a community based platform that connects like minded boaters that share the same hobby and interest of boating
Is it free to list my boat?
You can get started and list your boat for free. We will charge you nothing until you arrange your first swap.
How does ID verification work?
Id verification will allow you to show other members that yachtswaps has confirmed your identity
All you need to do is supply us with one valid photo ID (like a driver s license or ́ passport) and a copy of your boats registration certificate and well reward you with a lovely little icon on your yachtswaps profile to say we checked you out and can vouch for your identity
To find out more, contact us at hello@yachtswaps.com
What is the CICO procedure?
The CICO (Check in Check out) procedure is intended to ensure that each boat or yacht comes back in the same or better condition at the end of the swap as in the beginning.
How many swaps are allowed?
As many as you like.
You will need to have an active membership for the duration of any swaps you agree.
Do I have to swap at the same time?
Not at all.
In fact, many of our members arrange non-simultaneous swaps, where one owner may utilise your boat or yacht in June, but you don’t utilise theirs until November, for example.
It’s all based on commitment, mutual trust, respect, courtesy and overall building friendships within the community.
Do I have to add photos right away?
Photos are a really important part of your profile and members who add photos are much more likely to receive swap requests.
Don’t worry if you don't have photos to hand when you join. You can return later to add photos or other details in your “office” area.
How do members contact each other about swaps?
Members contact each other about swaps through the messaging system within the yachtswaps website. You will also receive an email to your own email address to alert you each time you receive a new message.
We ask that our members respond to all swap requests and messages, even if the swap request is not of interest to you.
Why Yachtswaps?
Your heart is convinced, but what about your head?
  • We have the best choice in boats and yachts available to swap.
  • We make safety and security the most paramount building block of our business.
  • We have no limits. All our members can swap boats or yachts as often as they want.
  • We know our stuff. We have been in the yachting business for more than 15 years.
What are the types of swaps?
A Classic Swap occurs when you go to their boat. They come to yours. Simple. Just find the boat you would like to swap with and see if the owner would like to swap with yours. Classic swaps can happen at the same time or at different times.
A Swap points swap is a swap using our points redemption system. Unlike a classic swap, Swap points allow you to swap without having to match your plans with another member. Earn for hosting and spend when you travel. For example, if you want to swap, but the owner of the boat does not want to use your boat, then they can swap with you for your Swap points instead. With the Swap points you give them they can book a different swapping experience. When you begin your premium membership we will issue you with 100,000 Swap points to get you started.
How long does it take to find friends that can swap?
Once you have your listing in shape, it's time to just sit back and count those incoming messages, right?
While this may work, the best way to find your perfect boat or yacht quickly is to get out there and search, be proactive. Its one of the most exciting parts of Yachtswaps, especially when you take advantage of the following tips:

1. Cast a Wide Net

Many members compete for newer and/or larger boats or yachts. Expand your search to increase your vessel selection as well as destination.

2. Follow Up

Just because you don't hear back for several days doesn't mean they're not interested. Send a follow up message to let them know you are waiting for feedback, ending with a question like; Are you available to swap during June or would another time work better?

3. Get to know your swapping partner

Good communication and building a friendship is the foundation of every successful boat swap.

4. A Good Start

Your communication with a potential swapping friend starts with the first message you send, or with a reply to their inquiry. If you are the one sending the inquiry, remember to make it personal. It's always good to address your friend(s) by name(s) and briefly introduce yourself. No matter how many members you contact it is essential to read their listing and profile pages first and get to know them on a personal level.

5. Use the tools at your hand - Profiles, verifications, reviews...

We ve built many great tools to help you get to know your friends within the ́ community will consist of all sorts of useful info including; how many people are planning to come on the swap, if there are children coming along and what age they are, etc. If your friends didn’t fill out their Profile Page, you can always ask them to add more information or send you what you need. Make sure to check out reviews to find out about previous swap experiences.
This is also the perfect time to discuss logistics:
Who will be your local contacts?
Any tips on transportation?
Any tips on local dining, navigation or events?
The more you discuss, the less chance of any misunderstandings developing, and the more comfortable you will feel with your swapping partner. You could even prepare a list of subjects before the conversation, and then feel free to take notes!
Can I list more than one boat or yacht?
Members can list as many boats or yachts on the site as they wish. Each listing that is uploaded will be charged at the same monthly rate. Simply go to your “office” area, and click on add a listing.
What safety tips should we follow?
Every boat is different, so please make sure that you take the time to chat and make friends to discuss any relevant tips for successful navigation. Additionally, make sure you follow all of the rules of the water. Here are a few of the most important:
  • Speed - Stay within the speed limits and restrictions.
  • Passing - Boats you are passing always have the right of way. Power vessels must yield the right of way to sailing vessels.
  • Navigational Aids - Make sure you recognise and understand all important navigational aids including buoys, hazard markers, no wake zone signs, etc.
  • Zero Tolerance - Operators of any boat are prohibited from consuming excessive amounts of alcohol and operating under the influence of any drugs. Immediate suspension from Yachtswaps and additional fees will apply if you are cited for operating under the influence during a swap.
  • Shoreline - Stay at least 100 feet away from the shoreline unless you are approaching a docking area.
  • Distance - Keep a distance of 100ft from any other boats if you are traveling at a speed over five miles per hour.
  • Location - - Make sure to have either GPS or a mobile phone on board at all times so that you are aware of your location (latitude and longitude).
  • Capacity - Never exceed the maximum number of passengers allowed on the vessel.
  • Engine - Make sure that the engine is always turned off when anyone is in the water near the boat.
  • Weather - Always check the weather forecast along the route before departure. Never depart with impending bad weather.
YachtSmart focuses its efforts on ensuring fair, safe and secure swaps for its members.
Why is my boat disabled?
It is our responsibility to make the process of finding and swapping a boat or mooring as easy as possible. Beyond ease of use, it is imperative that our owners are not only responsive but follow the rules. This helps to create a safe and seamless swapping experience. Users with low response rates, low approval rates, and with negative reviews are disabled from using the Yachtsmart system.
Per our terms of Service, we maintain the right to remove any user or boat, at any time.
If you feel we've removed your boat in error, please don't hesitate to contact us - hello@yachtswaps.com
How do reviews work?
Reviews are your opportunity to build a good reputation in the Yachtswaps community and allow you to tell the community about your experience. Since you can only write a review after a swap is completed, you can trust that any review you see is the result of an actual person swapping with another member of the community.
What about valuables on board?
It is very rare for complaints about theft or damage to be reported around yacht swaps.
Just to be on the safe side, it is advised for members to lock away any valuable possessions that you instinctively would not want to leave out on display.
How do I keep my profile secure?
Your phone number or email address will not be made visible on the website to un registered members.
Location-wise, if you prefer, you can choose just to enter the wider district in which your boat is located when adding the location of your boat.
What Safety Equipment is recommended?
It is important to note that the following safety equipment is on each vessel:
  • Lifejackets - - Please be sure to note the location and quantity of the life jackets (PFD's) on board, ensuring that there are enough for all passengers. Also, make sure that all children under the age of 12 wear a lifejacket at all times.
  • Safety - Highlight the location of all fire extinguishers, flares, anchors, lines and any other important safety equipment.
  • GPS - If there is a GPS unit on board, please be sure to identify the location of the unit and how it operates.
  • VHF Radio - Please learn how to call for help if needed
  • Through hull fittings (aka ThruHull) - Know where they are and where the plugs are kept. In case of emergency, always make sure to leave a copy of a written Float Plan describing the safety equipment onboard, where you expect to boat, and when you expect to be in central locations. Instruct the person holding the float plan to notify the Coast Guard or other appropriate agencies if you do not return within a reasonable time after your scheduled arrival (taking into account weather, etc..).
Can I be contacted by a non-paying member?
Of course, as you know, security and trust are essential to keeping the Yachtswaps community vibrant and rewarding. That’s why the rules for adding a listing under the “nothing to pay until you secure your first swap” program are exactly the same as those members who have already paid. All other security and verification procedures are exactly the same as all active members.
What are the navigation limits?
In order to keep all the swaps safe, there are navigational restrictions required under each boat’s Basic Peer-to-Peer insurance and depending on the navigational license your swapper has.
You must always check with your insurer your navigational limits. And always ask to check the navigational license your friends of the community have.
And most importantly, discuss the navigational plans and be sure you are all happy with them before the swap commences.
Is the App available in all countries?
Not yet! It’s coming soon
Is the App free to download?
Yes-our app will be completely free to download and use! The only thing you’ll need to pay for is your Yachtswaps membership (if you haven’t already)!
Is there a YachtSmart app?
Not yet. Its in development and will be launching soon!
What can I do on the App?
  • Browse our boats and yachts with no sign up or commitment
  • Read reviews and Yachtswaps experience stories from other members
  • Utilise our powerful search with filters to find friends within the community
  • Geolocate to boats around you or within a close radius
  • Sign up and list your boat straight from your phone
  • Accept, decline, or iron out the details before you agree to a swap
  • Get notified when you receive replies
Can Yachtswaps deactivate my account or boat listing?
Yachtswaps may limit, suspend or deactivate your user account or boat listing, as outlined in our Terms of Use. Deactivation may occur with or without notification for the following reasons:
  • Low response rate
  • Consistently negative reviews
  • Multiple boat malfunctions
Deactivation or being temporarily suspended will result in you not being able to access the platform. Your account or page content. Yachtswaps also reserves the right to suspend or terminate your Yachtswaps account and your access to the services, if any information provided during the registration process or thereafter proves to be inaccurate, not current, or incomplete.
How do I renew my membership?
To renew your membership, click on your account, and from the drop- down menu click on account details and scroll down to subscription and billing at the bottom of the page. Click renew the listing.
How does swap confirmation work?
Our system takes you through the process of agreeing swaps online in a simple and secure way. This covers the essentials and confirms your swap timings and other specifics. You can start this process simply by clicking on the reserve button in the top right corner of any trip discussion.
For any questions, please contact us at hello@yachtswaps.com
What are Boat Rules?
Boat rules are where you let the members of our community know what your rules are.
Some owners prefer not to allow food or alcohol aboard, and the Boat Rules is a great place to let members know!
Our terms stipulate that members of the community agree to your rules before booking a boat, so having up-to-date rules not only reduces the number of questions but can also protect you in case there's a disagreement!
What happens if the boat malfunctions?
Owners whose boat malfunctions during the swap period will be monitored for the next three swaps to ensure the vessel’s safety. The following criteria will be followed if multiple malfunctions take place:
  • First malfunction: No penalty, the owner should check the boat thoroughly.
  • Second malfunction: The owner needs to have a mechanic review vessel for safety precautions. The boat will be inactive until Yachtswaps receives an invoice stating the boat’s status.
  • Third malfunction: The boat will be removed from the site if the malfunction incident is within 3 months of the previously reported incident.
What if I need to cancel?
You can remove or temporarily hide your listing until you re ready to swap again. ́ Just contact us at hello@yachtswaps.com and we’ll be happy to help!
What kind of boats can be listed?
Almost every well-maintained power or sailboat can be listed!
How do I get more swap inquiries?
If you have been a member for a while and you are just not receiving as many swap inquiries as you would like, no worries! There are many ways to attract more swap offers and make your listing shine. As a general rule the more information you provide about your boat or mooring and yourself, the more interest you will generate.

1. Create a detailed listing

Use all the features and tools which are available on your listing editor pages. Add plenty of nice photos. Don’t forget to list all the amenities your boat or mooring can offer. Many of our members of the community will search for a swap based on the amenities section

2. Create a detailed profile

Let other swappers get to know and make friends with you. Use all the tools available on your profile editor pages. Interests, verifications, and tags are all great tools to help you tell the community what you are about. They help you to connect with like - minded boaters, build friendships and confirm swaps.

3. Keep your listing & profile updated

Updating your listing info is very important, especially for the members who have set very strict dates and destinations. Make your offer more attractive by adding the newest info to your listing. Is there a special festival happening in your area this summer? Add info about it under the additional information section. Some of our members might be looking for it through a keyword search.

4. Be proactive

Remember that getting swap offers is only part of your story. You also need to be proactive, search for destinations and boats you like to exchange, and contact them.
How do I mange my Yachtswaps listing?
Simply go to your “office” area.
You can add a boat at any time and you will remain active on the site unless you choose otherwise. Any further questions just contact us at info@yachtswaps.com
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